Safety Sliding Cling Film Cutter - Easy Installation, Multi-Purpose Use

Easy Installation: Attach effortlessly with suction cups.Multi-Purpose Use:Perfect for cling film, foil, and baking paper.Safe and Convenient: Smooth sliding blade ensures no hand injuries.

Color:  Transparent


Safe Sliding Blades

Featuring bi-directional sliding blades, it ensures safe operation without cutting your hands. Whether you're cutting cling film or aluminum foil, it slides smoothly and efficiently without jamming.

Easy Installation

This cling film cutter uses a suction cup design for easy and quick installation. Just press to secure it, no tools or drilling required. Anyone can effortlessly set it up in seconds.

Multi-functional Use

This cutter is versatile, suitable for various paper types like cling film, baking paper, and aluminum foil. The adjustable slot accommodates different roll sizes, making it practical for all your kitchen needs.

Install it effortlessly, enjoy safe cutting without the risk of injury, and utilize it for multiple purposes.
Perfect for any modern kitchen!